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DumaPay – Mobile Payments For Africa



DumaPay is an advance mobile app that gives you the freedom to charge your customers on the go.

DumaPay Is transforming how mobile payments work in Africa by giving you a single app that supports all modes of payments.




  • Its an advanced payments app
  • Works Anywhere / anytime
  • Accept all cards and mobile money
  • Supports email transactions / online invoice
  • Supports a Pin & Chip card reader



Benefits of Using CHIP+PIN Card Reader

  • It’s the most secure card payment
  • Has a Chip encryption tost
  • PIN identification
  • Transaction liability – issuer




Charge your customer – QUICK & SIMPLE

  • Currency – Amount – Name
  • Select Card – Mobile Money
  • Charge card (card reader)
  • Send receipt (email / SMS)

Send online INVOICE EMAIL to your customer

  • Fill in customer information
  • Send invoice to customer



Advance mobile app that allows you to charge your customers anywhere and anytime using your mobile phone to facilitate secure cards and mobile payments.

How It Work?

DUMAPAY can accept all modes of payment all cards & mobile money from your phone or tablet.
All Cards:


Mobile Money:

Kenya              card-airtelcard-mpesa

Tanzania        card-tigocard-airtelcard-vodacom

Zambia          card-mtn

More to come…

DUMAPAY supports a chip and pin card reader (EMV), the most secure and reliable transaction type!

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How to pair the card reader to your phone/tablet

  1. Restart the ICMP by pressing the side button.
  2. On the screen you will see ‘To Manage Cash Reg Options Press F’, go ahead and press;
  3. Select Cash Reg Mode & press green/enter;
  4. Choose port, scroll down and select Bluetooth and press green/enter;
  5. A code appears on the ICMP screen. On your phone/tablet activate your Bluetooth, activate discoverable, select the ICMP device that appears and enter the code. If pairing is successful, the ICMP will indicate the. same on screen.
  6. Enter Port : 55555;
  7. Dialog on cash reg: YES > press green;
  8. Press green/enter on all the default options that appear next. The ICMP will then indicate ‘Waiting for Bluetooth Connection’. It is now ready to transact. Go the to the mSwipe Plus app on your device, tap on Refresh > select the ICMP device appearing > tap on Activate.

Quick Pay

Allows you to charge card & mobile money transactions fast and securely in only 2 STEPS:

Login to your account – enter your company code, your user name and your password.

Select Quick Pay


Payment by Credit Card

Using a card reader

If you using card reader then Select Card Reader. If your card reader is not connected then you will need to reconnect the reader.

Insert Card to card Reader and follow the instructions as shown in the app and/or in the card reader.

Ask the customer to enter their PIN if relevant, for some cards the app will ask the customer to sign, follow the instructions as shown in the app.

Manually Entering the card details

You can manually charge your customers card directly in the app.

Enter the card details & Charge the card

Card Payment Confirmation

You can send your customer a payment confirmation via email , which they will receive at real time. (This is optional).

Enter your customer email then click on finish to charge another customer.

Payment by Mobile Money

Select Country and ask the customer to select which mobile wallet they want to use, once selected insert the customer mobile number.

Mobile money is supported across the region, you can charge a customer from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda. The amount will be converted to your customers currency based on the exchange rate you have in your account or our default rate.

Payment Instructions will be presented and you can ask the customer to follow this instructions, in addition, the customer will receive an SMS with the same instructions.

Email Pay

Allows you to send a secure payment link to your customers where they can pay you from wherever they are.

Select Email Pay


Select the service, input the amount enter the customer email, first name and last name  e Click Next and finish process.

Transactions History

The DumaPay allows you to view transactions that you have processed using the app. This options will let you be sure that you charged a customer incase of any doubt or error occurred during the payment process. You can as well share the payment confirmation with the customer.

Select view transaction history.

How to Secure Yourself

Check and verify the customer card before the payment:

  • Check the card expiry date.
  • Check whether the card number embossing/printing is clear and well aligned.
  • Check that the Dove hologram appears to fly when you tilt it (applicable on Visa card holders only).
  • Check that the word ‘MasterCard’ appears repeatedly at the Interlocking world map when you tilt the card.
  • VISA, MasterCard or Electron is printed at a 45 degree angle on the signature panel.
  • Check that the customer’s signature on the app matches that on the card (where applicable).
Customer verification
  • Ask the customer to present their ID/Passport.
  • Check that the customer name as shown in their ID is the same name as shown on their card.
Default settings
  • Select Default Currency
  • Select Default Country
  • Do you have ICMP? Yes / No
Support – Contact us

  • +254 708 480275
  • +254 706 358022

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