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Video Guide – Pair Card Reader with Phone

Pair your card reader and phone via Bluetooth.

Video Guide – How to Apply for Easy Advance

Apply for DPO’s fast cash advance – Easy Advance

Video Guide – How to Check Your Easy Advance Status

Check you Easy Advance Status and pending return.

Video Guide – How to Pay Fees With Easy Payments

How to settle your commission through the xPay network

Video Guide – How to Use Easy Payments (xPay)

learn how make payments on the xPay network with Easy Payments

Video Guide – Pull Out the Easy Advance Report

Learn how to create your Easy Advance status report.

Video Guide – How To Fill Up The Payment Page

Filling up the payment page (customer or merchant)

Video Guide – How to Apply a Check-in Verification

How to verify a customer’s ID and credit card against the those used in the online payment.

Video Guide – How to Sign Up to DPO

Join DPO and Start Accepting Effortless Payments

Video Guide – How to Log In to Your DPO Account

Learn how to log in to your DPO account.

Video Guide – How to Launch a Direct Pay Transaction

Learn how to perform a direct pay transaction in the merchant dashboard.

Video Guide – How to Create an Email Transaction

Learn how to create an Email transaction in the DPO merchant account dashboard.

Video Guide – How to Launch a Refund

Learn how to launch a refund through the merchant account dashboard

New World New Payments – DPO Group

How to Upload Products on DPO MarketPlace

Easily upload your products to the DPO MarkePlace, Our commerce platform that allows you to sell more.

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