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Online Payments Zambia

Zambia’s Online Payments Market

Population: 17.2 million
Mobile phone subscribers: 10.9 million
People who use mobile payments 3.4 million


Zambia Online Payments: Mobile Providers and Banks

In Zambia, as more and more customers adopt mobile money and online payments as a way of paying for good and services, merchants are turning to Direct Pay Online, the leader of online payment and mobile payment processing in Zambia, to deliver a safe and secure credit card processing platform that enables customers to shop online using credit cards, mobile money, or bank transfers and pay in real-time.

Direct Pay Online works with the following mobile providers:

  1. MTN Money
  2. Airtel Money

And the following banks:

  1. Equity
  2. Barclays
  3. Standard bank



  1. Travel
  2. Hospitality
  3. Airlines
  4. Internet Service Providers
  5. More…


Which payments forms you’ll be able to accept?


Which currencies you’ll be able to accept?



Regulation of Online Payments in Zambia

Zambia’s government has not imposed guidelines for online payments in the country. Instead, banks adhere to the guidelines provided by the credit card companies themselves.

For example:
Visa requirements call for merchants to ensure that, at a minimum, the following customer details are collected:

  1. The card account number
  2. The name as it appears on the card
  3. The card expiration date as it appears on the card
  4. The cardholder’s statement address
  5. Also check whether the card has a card start date and record this detail.
  6. If possible, take note of a contact phone number and the name of the financial institution that issued the card.

MasterCard requires that merchants comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard.
American Express recommends merchants only ship to the cardmember’s billing address.


Who can open an account with Direct Pay Online?

Any travel related merchant / provider and E-commerce merchants (hotel, airline, travel agent, tour operator, tour guides etc.) can open an account immediately and enjoy Direct Pay Online’s online and mobile payment services.


Travel Associations

Zambia’s travel industry will blossom with the acceptance of online payments and mobile money transactions. These travel associations in Africa can offer practical advice:

  1. African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA) serves and supports business leaders in Africa representing the elite buyers and suppliers of tourism product across 22 African countries.
  2. South African Tour Operators Association (SATOA) promotes travel to Africa and the Indian Ocean while providing its members with a platform from which to promote their products, network and create new business opportunities.
  3. Association for the Promotion of African Tourism (APTA) serves as a platform for buyers and sellers in the African travel and hospitality industry to meet, mingle, learn from each other and do business.

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